Grow your small business with business apps from Office 365

These days, we declared the Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Listings, Microsoft Invoicing, and also the Office 365 Business center are currently available as part of Microsoft 365 Business and Office 365 Business Premium. The newest apps are turning out to customers from the U.S., U.K., and Canada.

These apps–collectively with Microsoft Bookings, Outlook Customer Manager, and MileIQ–deliver you seven brand new ways to handle your customer relationships and build your business. We are also announcing new intellect features for MileIQ that automatically classify drives as business or personal in your behalf.

Let’s have a closer look at the way the apps are able to allow you to grow your business by getting new customers and nurturing existing ones, and also enable you to run your business with simple ways to invoice, schedule appointments, and monitor mileage–everything from 1 location.

Tools to Cultivate your business

Nurture customer relationships, create email marketing campaigns, and assist new customers discover you easily with Microsoft Listings, Microsoft Connections, and Outlook Customer Supervisor.

Microsoft Listings, Microsoft Connections, and Outlook Customer Manager help you connect with customers to cultivate your business.

Microsoft Listings–Bring new customers by obtaining your business listed on Facebook, Google, Bing, and Yelp out of 1 area. Ensure that your business information and manufacturer–such as title, address, telephone number, website, hours, and emblem–are consistent across these sites. Also, easily track views and reviews of your business within 1 view.

Microsoft Connections–Send professional-looking advertising emails that showcase your brand and drive sales. Easily set up incentives such as refer-a-friend discounts to reward current customers for referrals so that you may bring more business via the doorway.

Outlook Customer Manager–Boost your relationships using a simple, smart customer management solution. Get fast access to all customer information–emails, meetings, calls, note sand tasks, deals, reminders, and deadlines–directly alongside your inbox so that you spend less time handling data and browsing multiple screens and more time developing customer relationships.

Microsoft Invoicing, Bookings, and MileIQ allow you to run your business better.

Microsoft Invoicing–Create estimates and invoices which look professional. Get paid fast with online payments, monitor pending and tight payments, locate draft estimates and past invoices, set sales tax and discounts, and immediately transform estimates into invoices– within a few clicks.

Bookings–Easily handle your customers’ appointments. Enable your customers to choose the time slot that they need via a simple-to-set-up booking page with built in Facebook integration. Bookings also automatically adds appointments for a staff’s calendars which are upgraded automatically upon rescheduling or canceling.

MileIQ–Track your miles into a simpler, smarter manner with automatic drive detection, mileage logging, and comprehensive coverage. Classify the trip as business or personal in 1 swipe. We also added brand new intellect features that save valuable time by automatically classifying trips as business or personal based in your job hours and drives you frequently take.

The Business center serves as a central access point and dashboard for those apps, bringing with all the tools which enable you to provide excellent service to your present and prospective customers–such as Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Listings, Microsoft Invoicing, and Bookings. You may monitor key business metrics such as complete and outstanding invoices, email subscribers, online impressions, and complete bookings to pinpoint what’s effective and what’s not, so that you may find the most from your own time.

The Business center helps you stay on top of activities across the business apps to save time.

Because these business apps are a part of Office 365, getting started is as easy as clicking a button in Outlook or researching a new tile in the home page. There’s no requirement to handle multiple sign-ins or transfer information between different tools–your Office 365 sign-in gives you access across those apps. The apps use information already present in Office 365, such as email calendar and data free/busy information, to power a simple and integrated experience.

You might already have seen the Business center show up on your home page–this means that the apps are ready for you to use. If not, expect to find access within the upcoming few weeks. If you’re willing to get started, it is possible to combine First Release, that will get you fastest access to the apps, and also give you early access to new features as we add them at the forthcoming months.

Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Listings, Microsoft Invoicing, Business center, and MileIQ are now available from the U.S., U.K., and Canada. Bookings and Outlook Customer Manager are available globally.

We are excited for you to start using these tools, and we are confident they can help you bring in new customers and more easily handle your business, so that you may do more of this job you love.

  1. When will Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Listings, Microsoft Invoicing, MileIQ, and also the Business center be available in additional countries?
  2. We’re working to expand our offering to other countries and regions also will share timelines as we get closer to those dates.
  3. Could I control that users in my business access these apps?

They could request access straight from the Business center. International admins can take or decline their request out of Admin center > Settings > Services & add-ins > Business center.

  1. We all know that lots of small businesses subscribe to E3 and E5 plans for advanced capabilities and are working to deliver the apps into these plans.
  2. How can I trigger the MileIQ benefit of my Office 365 Business Premium or Microsoft 365 Business subscription?
  3. Visit to make a new MileIQ account or sign in using your existing one, then enter your Office 365 credentials so we can activate your subscription benefit.

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