New Office 365 app launcher and help you be more productive on the web

More than ever before, users expect an unparalleled productivity experience on the internet. As we continue to expand the broad set of internet productivity tools available to Office 365 customers, we’re also dedicated to enhancing the experiences which enable you to understand, browse, and collaborate across the total Office 365 ecosystem.

Today, we’re declaring a redesigned internet experience for, an easy-to-remember URL that will assist you sign into Office 365 and access to all of your apps, documents, sites, and people. We have also simplified the Office 365 program launcher that will assist you open and switch between your web apps easier. Ultimately, we are introducing the newest Office 365 gallery to supply Office 365 users with personalized information about the apps, tools, and services already in their subscription. is your fastest and easiest way to get started using Office 365–from visiting your favorite program immediately, opening your Office documents, starting a new job, or even seeing the activity across your shared files. We’re also enhancing the search experience to allow you to locate Office 365 documents, apps, people, and sites straight from

Office 365 program launcher

Updates to the Office 365 program launcher make opening and switching between your web apps easier than by simply highlighting the most used apps in Office 365. The simplified design provides smarter defaults which are connected to the type of task you perform and allows you to access recent online Office documents from anywhere in Office 365.

Research your apps

Now you can research and find out about the complete assortment of applications you already have access to using the new Office 365 gallery. Based in your subscription and usage patterns, the gallery provides suggestions on the ideal program to use for what it is you’re attempting to accomplish. You will see descriptions, resources, and speedy access to install desktop computer or mobile versions. Just click Explore all of your apps out of or the Office 365 program launcher to access the gallery.

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