Henkel advances digital transformation journey with move to Office 365 E5

Henkel is looking at over 140 years of business success–based in 1876, our brands such as Schwarzkopf, Persil, and Loctite are well-known among customers worldwide. As our surroundings evolves from a mere brick-and-mortar business to a where we see new sales records in e-commerce for beauty care products in a single day, it’s apparent that as a business we must adapt to continuing change. Now, digitalization is an important driver that is transforming our company, capturing the creativity and dedication of over 50,000 employees around the globe. Three years back, Henkel deployed Microsoft Office 365 to kickstart an electronic office transformation to strengthen our competitive position in a rapidly changing economy.

We’re making tremendous strides in business cohesion and agility with Office 365, taking an important step in linking our business through a frequent set of tools which contribute to increased productivity and agility. I love to consider our IT teams implementing these tools, enabling a contemporary work environment where everybody uses cloud services to share expertise and collaborate without geographic or hierarchical boundaries. Nowadays, we’re upgrading to Office 365 E5 and carrying Henkel to another level with improved security, collaboration, mobility, and business intelligence.

When some people may believe there is a tradeoff between security and mobility–which is not the case with Office 365 E5. And as far as compliance goes, we’re working with Microsoft to help us attain compulsory compliance with all the new General Data Protection Legislation, or GDPR, that is a significant topic in Europe now. Office 365 gives us a level of security we can’t reach independently. That’s another reason why we’re glad that we’re on the road with Office 365.

Together with Office 365 E5, we are providing an intelligent office, where employees gain self-service access to interactive, graphic reports and dashboards via Microsoft Power BI. Our employees use this service to produce their own reports on need. And for Henkel, there’s enormous benefit in supporting effective, widespread access to business information, such as increased agility in a marketplace that’s moving faster than ever before. The possibility to rapidly assess the impact of an advertising effort may serve as a fantastic example: It’s easy to use Power BI to examine real time sales data and fine-tune our marketing activities to generate sales.

We have treated mobility as a specified requirement for the contemporary office for some time today, however with Office 365 E5, we are introducing cloud-based telephony as another way our employees could communicate and collaborate on almost any device, anywhere. Today we’ve got a consistent Skype for Business Online experience across all devices, using a single business number to stay in contact with colleagues. The faster we could communicate, the more effectively we could get to market with new products. We are also able to link with our international customers through Skype calls. These days, we supply that the ultra-responsive service that customers need in an electronic business environment.

By way of instance, once we introduce a brand new product to the current market, colleagues from R&D, advertising, sales, and other involved departments use Skype calls to collaborate in real time to develop and execute perfect strategies that quicken our business.

What I enjoy most about my role is always to build the best workplace for our employees to focus on their capacity in this electronic age. Office 365 E5 offers business tools and services that everybody uses to operate, independently or at multi-generational teams. Using Teams across the business, we are more nimble and responsive while we collaborate.

For more information you can visit: office.com/setup365.

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