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Before this month, we announced the global availability of Microsoft 365 Business, a purpose-built productivity and management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. We also introduced Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Listings, Microsoft Invoicing, and also the Office 365 Business Center at the U.S., U.K., and Canada to assist small businesses empower their employees and unlock growth and innovation.

As organizations embrace digital transformation, it is increasingly important in order for it to ensure that employee and customer information is protected and managed appropriately. New updates to Office 365 this past month assist organizations understand what information they’ve stored, manage access to resources, and strengthen their compliance posture.

Examine more information using Advanced eDiscovery–eDiscovery is a tool which helps organizations analyze information across Office 365 to identify information which they’ve stored about a person or topic. Currently Office 365 E5 subscribers can upload documents from outside Office 365 and examine them together with Advanced eDiscovery using the brand new content import feature. This extends the benefits of Advanced eDiscovery beyond Office 365, providing organizations with a single means to discover content pertaining to compliance matters from across their company.

Secure external sharing links from OneDrive and SharePoint–In September in Ignite we declared quite a few improvements to external document sharing in OneDrive and SharePoint, for example, ability to send secure external sharing links. This feature is currently available to Office 365 subscribers, allowing outside recipients to access files and folder switch no Microsoft account–by supplying an email-based verification code whenever a user accesses a document. IT administrators can also specify how frequently external recipients must find a new code and re-verify their email address, providing continuing protection to your organization’s files and folders when they’re shared with outside recipients.

Improve compliance posture using Compliance Manager–Starting this month, organizations may take part in the preview for Compliance Supervisor, now available through the Service Trust Portal. Compliance Manager is a solution built into Office 365 that connects Microsoft security and compliance tools together with the unique regulatory requirements different organizations might encounter.

This month’s Office 365 updates also help customers manage resources in more effective ways and also make it easier for First line Workers to maximize their time during the workday.

Clock in and outside in Microsoft Staff Hub–New features in Staff Hub assist organizations centralize lots of the everyday processes workers tackle, reducing overhead and maximizing the impact of the First line Workforce. Currently workers can clock in and from the shifts within the program, in addition to managing daily activities and accessing business news and resources. These updates help streamline daily processes and also help make a more educated workforce.

Automate files with Microsoft Flow in OneDrive–Flow provides a set of tools to automate tasks across apps and services, simplifying the process of handling repetitive and frequently complex actions like PDF conversion and acceptance routing. Starting this month, Office 365 subscribers are now able to run workflows on selected files and folders from OneDrive, allowing for the simplification of shared tasks including saving multiple email attachments to folders and supplying upload notifications.

MileIQ will now discover frequently visited locations, find out how they’re typically classified, and also offer to auto-classify them later on. Additionally, Work Hours makes it simple to set up the times a user works, such as multiple shifts, and will automatically classify drives outside of those hours as personal. Subscribers always have the option to re-classify a driveway if necessary in the internet dashboard.

Bringing AI to job seekers using Resume Assistant–earlier this month we declared the preview of Resume Assistant, a brand new feature in Microsoft Word to assist Office 365 subscribers craft compelling resumes using personalized insights powered by LinkedIn. With over 80 percent of resumes upgraded in Word, Resume Assistant helps job seekers showcase accomplishments by surfacing applicable examples of work experience and high skills that industry professionals use to describe themselves. In the end, this helps Office 365 subscribers be easily discovered by recruiters and land their ideal job.

Office Mobile apps on Chromebook–Earlier this week we released a preview of this Office Mobile apps for Google Chromebooks. These apps were initially designed for Android phones, plus they are not yet fully optimized for its Chromebook form element. We have done some initial work towards the end user experience and wish to collect customer feedback. As with all our cellular apps, an Office 365 subscription is required to edit documents on devices using a screen size of 10.1 inches or higher.

Office Lens–Office Lens is currently incorporated within OneNote to give scanning, cropping, and rotation of photos, documents, whiteboards, and business cards.

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